What is the story about?

Sarah knows what happened to the Larkin children.  They were spirited away to orphanages because their father had abandoned them when their mother died.  Her own mother is very ill. What would happen if she died when her father was away in England working?  But when her mother dies suddenly and there is no sign of her father, nobody was going to take her brothers away. She must take drastic measures and hide her body to pretend to the world that nothing has happened, and life goes on as normal. When her Dad came home, he’d know what to do.  But as the days wear on there is no sign of him.  Meanwhile, she and her brothers are led into a maze of events outside their control, which will draw them back many years later to confront their past.  What will they find there? Will the whole house of cards come crashing down on them, or will they find redemption?